Specific State ’89 (Signed Copy)




Specific State ’89 is a book that raves along in three parts. Firstly the novella set in London at the time of the Second Summer of Love-1989. Two friends are getting stuck into the emerging rave scene and decide to set up their own pirate radio station because of their deep love for house music. It’s a story inspired by the pirate radio station Centreforce 88.3. The story jogs through each month of the year as the characters live, sleep and breathe some of the biggest illegal raves being put on. They also take a trip to Manchester to experience the northern rave culture and the infamous Hacienda Club. The second part of the book includes the stage play script from which the novella was born and the third part includes interviews with Centreforce deejays old and new, house deejays from the UK and the USA and promoters of those legendary raves.’