“The Acid Brothers, we don’t just do Acid, we do Real House Music”

Although not real brothers Stuart J and Matt Emulsion have known each other virtually all there lives. Growing up in the Essex town of Romford they started their musical journey by listening to Soul, Funk, Disco, Electro and Hip Hop, creating dance routine’s and playing tracks at family gatherings using 2 tape decks, a record deck and 2 amplifiers. They were soon exposed to the early House scene listening to pirate radio stations and hearing of legendary raves such as Genesis and Sundance. Despite being  only 13 years ago old in 1988 this did not stop the duo from making there mark on the House scene when Stuart J bought some decks and was soon mixing up Soul, Hip Hop and House.

The pair started off playing at local house parties and soon progressed onto the club scene with there eclectic selections. Although having DJ’d together for many years the duo didn’t have an official name until 2013 and so The  Acid Brothers were born. Even though Stuart and Matt are big lovers of Acid House they also play House Music across the board as the party scene In 1987 and 1988 didn’t just play music made on a Roland 303 you would hear anything that the dj thought would fit in –  piano, grooving bass lines, vocals etc.  This is what the pair stand for, they believe in delivering cutting edge Real House to the masses.

Since starting there DJ careers  the duo have played at venues all over the UK and have also marked their territory in Europe, playing in Germany, Austria, Italy, Ibiza and also the US. They are residents for Moondance, Iridescence, So Soulful, So Oldskool and The World Bodypainting Festival.

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A mixture of quality dance music new and old, special guests, exclusive tracks, madness & banter

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