From early 80’s Soul/Pop/Electro/Hip-hop/rap, getting in to electronic Music.
In 83 Started doing body popping breakdancing and street dancing
having challenges with Other Crew’s them days were so good.

In 84 & 85 doin mix tapes Using a Reel to Reel and Tape Deck.
back then all i wanted to do is mix two tunes together not even
knowing about turntablism techniques, Watching dj’s for the first time at the,
DMC World Championships was amazing from that day on knowing i was a Dj
Then In 1986 was influenced into (Acid House,Balearic beat,Newbeat)

By friends who lived in south London (Streatham & Norwood)
The good old days. Nuff respect to Simon James.(super smiley maker)
(Showed me outstanding tracks that blow me away. Starting me thinking More about dj’ing)
Mixing Acid House .

Developing Love for the Music.
Started to go Ravin … in “87-88″ one of the best Times,
as started goin to. SPECTRUM Heaven, Under The Arches, Villers Street (Mondays)
and FUTURE at the Sound shaft on a Thursday Night.. Top Notch
Spectrum continued for a couple of years, changing its name Later to
Land Of Oz.oi oi sum Good Buzzin Nights. then to Fantasia still every monday
As well goin WAREHOUSE PARTYS & OutDoor Rave’s too many to mention.
I began buyin records in 88

Summer of 89
Echos at Bow oi oi (out to the Gas men)
I done night shifts with good mate’s on CentreForce Fm 88.3 .
Out to Scratch Master Steve & Dj kirky D out to..
Easy B & Seeker top mixer.. Inspired me with he’s outstanding talent
from then on Learning to Mix different Music formats. as years went On.
Mates would say How good I Was on the decks (You should be a Dj mate)
(out to Michael Benjamin) & Benji..
Then i went on to Eruption Fm 101.3 back to back with Dj Reflex
BIG UP REFLEX (aka GIDDY) in 93 to 97
we played old skool acid house,Hardcore,Jungle.
People love’d the old skool house Classics & Acid.

Time went so quick next thing it was 1998
and was thinking about getting my own Set on Radio
So i sorted a set on Flava 87.6 fm out to (Randy C)
Not forgetin (Chrisy L & G Man)
Playing old skool Acid ,House Classics,Jungle
DnB,Hardcore,UK’US’Garage & A Wicked MC Along Side Me
VICIOUS VIPER (Leon Bowen) an outstanding Old Skool Jungle MC
Alot of the time MC PattO along side Us Both.
was on there for about 2 to 3 years.Done Sum wicked Three way Show’s
with Bubbler & Jamie G On Flava 87.6 fm….

Then come CHILLIN FM 102.Mhz..
Bubbler, Jamie G & Bozco(the man) ask’ed me on Chillin fm
where i Stayed from 2000 to 2009. clubs nights & partys along the way..
MC. VICIOUS VIPER come with me to Chillin where we had many
more years alog side each other.. The Roonster. (as jamie G would say)
Big People’s Music Big People’s Station

Then in 2008 CentreForce Come back on 88.4fm thinking it would
Be Nice too go back too where it all began.
2009 my wish come True Jimmy Jungle Welcomed me to CENTRE FORCE
On Time 107.5 fm Playin the Very Best In Acid House,Balearic beat,
Newbeat,Old Skool House,Jungle,DnB,Hardcore,
Uk & Us Garage n House & Funky
Centre Force Was the BIGGEST Station on the Airways.
Listeners Loved the Station in a big way.
Stayin for 2 & 1/2 Years Till 2012 ..

Event Timeslots (2)

Drive Time Show with Dj Rooney & Danny Lines Playing Vocal Classic House New & Old Anything Five Star Feel Good Music

Your Friday night with Dr Rooney & Danny Lines Bringin You the Best Grooves Mixed Live for Your Listening Pleasure.

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