Martin Cee

Martin started his career at the tender age of 13 years old in 1987, buying a transmittor and broadcasting with his schoolmates. It was during this time he developed a love and a passion that would last a lifetime.

The station lasted almost 2 years until it was raided by the DTI. This earned him a £250 fine and the title of being the youngest person (at that time) to ever be caught and convicted for Pirate radio.

Undeterred Martin carried on regardless and bigger, London wide radio stations came knocking for his services. Short stints on LWR 92.05fm and Prophecy 99.9fm led to the call from Sunrise 88.75fm, an East London station that was really making it’s mark with DJ’s such as Rat Pack, Ellis Dee and Bad Boy West to name a few. It was on this station he really found his feet and developed his own unique style of presenting, doing live wind ups on air and generally being that little bit different. Some may say he was ahead of his time!

After 5 great years on the station with the music scene changing he felt it was time to move on and went his own way founding a new station and naming it Juice 94fm which was to broadcast from South London. He gave up ownership after only a few months but stayed with Juice for a further 2 years until it was forced to close down in 1997 due to constant raids and pressure from the authoritys.

By now the Bars and Clubs had become the focus with residencys all over South and East London including Stars in Greenwich, Benjys in Mile End and The Bon Bonne in Herne Hill until it closed in the summer of 2004.

Martin then moved on to the management side of clubs and bars, owning one in South London and two in Kent. This was very time consuming and the DJ work took a back seat.

In 2009 Martin went on tour with good friends East 17 as their ‘tour manager’ and enjoyed great times in Russia and many venues across the UK. This experience allowed him to meet many people throughout the music industry and was pivitol in what was to happen next.

In 2010 Terry Coldwell of East 17 and Martin was asked to MC a local Strongman competition. It was during this competition that Martin showed his talent of not only being a great speaker but a motivator and communicator.

From a small competition in Gravesend, Kent came offers from the sports promotors and within months he was MC for some of the biggest competitions in the UK. A youtube channel was started and received over 1 million unique views in a very short time. Sponsorships came in and a new career was made.

The love for radio never dwindled with stints on Select UK Radio in 2015 and Funky SX in 2017…

Martin currently works for Ultimate Strongman which makes TV shows for Channel 5, he also promotes competitions and is without doubt the busiest MC in the sport of Strongman. He is still an active DJ within the bar and club circuit and is co-owner of The Bon Bonne Reunion, a sell out event which happens at least five times a year in South London.

Musically his love is for all things oldskool,whether that be 80s Soul to all things house.

Why Centreforce and why now? ‘There was no radio stations exciting me until Centreforce883 came on DAB. It felt like the good old days were back again. Firstly I listened just as I did back in 89 and was instantly hooked. Then it was simple – I HAD TO BE A PART OF IT!’

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Marin Cee Show will consist of oldskool anthems, Vocal Deep house with some soul classics for good measure...

Marin Cee & Sarah LP Kinki Malinki Show will consist of oldskool anthems, Vocal Deep house with some soul classics for good measure...

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