Jack Bass:

‘I started raving in April ‘88 when I started going to Camden Palace. When I worked on the council there was a bloke there who’d come in to work still out of his nut. He told me about these parties he was going to in places like Spectrum. I liked the sound of that and that was how I ended up going to Camden Palace. Two of us went out to this thing and at that time we were known as outcasts really-we were the people who took these strange things called ecstasy tablets. And then about four months later there’d be fifty or sixty of us going out and finding the parties put on by the likes of Rat Pack and of course the Andy (Swallow) nights.

I was already part of a sound system called Third Generation and we did parties like the one that Andy put on near the Blackwall Tunnel approach. That was called the Library and a few parties were done there. I got into the sound system thing because of two blokes I knew called Colin and Owen. They’d been involved with Jazzy B but split away. Jazzy B formed Soul 11 Soul and Colin and Owen formed Third Generation. I got involved and we started doing warehouse parties in places like Clinks and we also did the first all-night party in the Michael Sobell Centre. This was all in 1989 and I’ve still got the decks and mixer that we used back then. Also, between 190 and 1992 I did the sound systems at Dungeons. And for a period I was part of the Solid Groove team, along with Bizzy B.

I got involved with Raindance because I was working down Jenkins Lane and heard about it. Sometime after that I was World Dance down the Docklands and got approached about playing at one of their parties. I agreed and that was twenty-one years ago. I think I’ve played every party, all bar six, since.

Back in the day Centreforce was very important. It’s what we’d have to listen to because they gave out the information about the parties and the meeting points. I already had a Centreforce connection because I knew Andy through the football. I used to travel with them all over the country.

I’ve always deejayed and in the 2000’s I did Innovation in the Sun and bringing it up to date, as from November 2018 I will be sharing a Saturday night show with Nicky B and that will go into the early hours of Sunday morning.

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