Ray Keith is one of the UK’s most respected Drum and Bass DJ / Producers and Record label head honcho. Renowned for his bass heavy yet soulful productions and seamless DJ skills, Ray has remained at the pinnacle of the D&B scene since helping to pioneer the genre nearly two decades ago.

With eight studio albums, a catalogue of hugely important remixes, a successful radio show and countless Worldwide tours under his belt, Ray Keith shows no signs of slowing down.


Also with a compilation album Ray keith Past present and future under 40 tracks with old and new classics as well as  current remix’s for Dj hybrid  and anew ep Babylon dread under way and   Dub dread 6 on the horizon.

His label Dread Recordings celebrates 23 years in the game this year and will see the release of ‘20 years of Dread Recordings,’ not to mention his highly anticipated Dub Dread 5 Sampler and bonus CD with over 20 artists, has just hit the streets to much acclaim.           He’s also just signed female singer’s Electric Blu and Deploy to Dread Recordings.


Ray Keith burst onto the scene in the early 90’s as a DJ on the UK rave circuit. When his remix of Orbital’s ‘Chime’ dropped in 1992 he was immediately propelled into the limelight as one of the UK’s most celebrated producers.

With an abundance of remix the golden years of 94 ,

Every thing Ray touched to remix became gold and he soon became a remix Don with well over 100 jungle and drum and bass remixes including Moby yes yes and Cngo natty police in helicopter ,Scotty Dubplate `Rcky  ,Top buzz living in darkness , Baby d let me be your fantasy to name but a few


With a resident radio show weekly on Radar radio show Blueprint, Ray is currently reaching audience’s of around 25k – 30k a week with jungle /drum and base guests such as Roni size Brian g , JJ Frost and also Heartless crew and Dizzie Rascal to name but a few with guest every week.


With also a monthly Dread radio podcast of upfront cutting edge jungle drum and bass as well as his blueprint night with Dj and mcs from the scene.

Finding his niche within Drum & Bass scene he produced 3 of the scenes most important tracks,  The Dark soldier ,‘The Chopper’’ and ‘’The Renegade Terrorist.’


He’s regarded as The Godfather of D&B, but his versatility as an artist means he continues to push the boundaries and remain at the very forefront of the scene he helped create. Catch him smashing up the dance with his band Renegade Live and on the Dread Recordings label DJ tours in 2017/2018.


Ray is currently working with Jungle cakes with a compilation of over 50 tracks, and also working with future artist with some high profile collaboration’s.

There is also some work with Deekline and acid Aston in the pipeline for 2017 .

Ray keith has also a jungle ep forthcoming on jungle cakes label so watch out for some heavy base and bangers for 2017/2018

The House Legends Show Weekly Rotation

Ray Keith, Trevor Fung, Colin hudd

Each & Every Friday 8-10pm

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