‘I started DJ-ing way back in the ‘80’s like most of the other well know DJ’s my age, playing Jazz Funk/Disco & Reggae, basically playing at what was known as Disco’s….

Then it moved on to what has now legendary become known as ‘The Rave Scene’ 

I held residencies with A.W.O.L / World Dance, Innersence at The Lazerdrome, and Orange, also including other famous venues such as The Astoria and Busby’s. 

This was ‘89 and I knew Andy and the Centreforce boys because I was a West Ham.

I didn’t get involved with the station in ‘89. I came on board later on. In ‘89 I was busy playing out, I would often play in what was called back then ‘The Chill Out’ room, which was more of a ‘U.S. House Room’ This was before garage came in. In 1989 I listened to Centreforce and I was aware of how important it was on the rave scene.

I was a the resident DJ for Happy Days back when Garage Music first broke thro, residencies included The Arches, The Frog & Nightgown & the legendary Gass Club in Leicester Square and this was around the same time that Andy had it on Sunday’s with Dominic Spreadlove. This was the break of the garage scene-the real garage scene. The Gas Club was one of the most darkest and dangerous clubs around at the time. 

Me and Brandon Block then went to Thailand and I fell in love with the place, and stayed there for over 12 years, It was when I came back that I saw Andy and he said to me that I should come down his pub and see what was happening with the Centreforce shows. After that I ended up doing a show, which got something like 25.000 hits, which I was over the moon with. I couldn’t believe the power of what Centreforce was doing with those live stream shows.

I then played at the Centreforce’s Boxing Day party at the George, in Hornchurch. It was a good night and a lot of old skool got played. My next show was with Andy at the Dovecote on New Year’s Eve.

Getting the DAB is perfect for Centreforce for where they are now. Other stations like KISS have gone very commercial which means there’s a big call for a station like Centreforce, which doesn’t play the commercial stuff. It’ll work and it’ll be good.

I am currently loving my weekly show on Tuesdays, I’m trying to put some humour in to my show along with some great music

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