Dj Texsta

Dj Texsta started djing in the mid 80s
From north London his first record he bought was in the late 70s at the young age of 9 years old which was a 7″ soul tune.
With a hi passion for music after he left school he started playing at house parties moving very quick into the club scene which he first played at a few clubs in Cyprus when he was on holiday in 1988.
Then set up a club for his uncle called the Tunnel club.
Where the following year played in most clubs in Cyprus for a few months.
At this time he was playing a wide range of music mainly dance.
Then on and off as a dj.
After taking a break for a few years to understand and to feel which direction to take.
Then the rave scene came along he was playing as a dj at warehouse parties.
Dj Texsta has always been a firm supporter off the UK dance music starting from the Hardcore/Acid era to the jungle/drum & Bass then swiftly the house & Garage movement.
But was always buying and playing house in between.
As the UK Garage moving started to start making waves Texsta linked up with his very good friend Persian.
It was around 94/95 they got in the studio then to create a club anthem a speed garage track ( Dangerous ) then to call themselves ( Same People ).
From the spark of that track gave Texsta recognition as a dj producer.
His first radio station he played for was London Underground 89.4 fm
All thanks to do Ramsey and Fen who helped get him on the radio platform this was around the mid 90s.
He started on graveyard shift 4-6am then to move up in time slots and then linking up with dj yooks with 2 shows a week Friday night’s and Sunday afternoons.
He then got his own show on Friday 8 to 10 pm.
Moving 3 to 4 years down the line to move over to passion fm 91.8 for the next 4 years on a Friday night peak slot 8 to 10 pm.
From this and the recognition of his tune this gave Texsta booking as a club dj playing all over the world to many to mention.
And also residency in clubs & events here in London.
After taking a few years out again from the music world he is back making a choice of playing his true passion which is house music.
And back in the studio on production on his own.

And also joined vision radio for a bit but then to get a set on the mighty Centerforce 88.3 DAB on Wednesday 10 am till 12 (BST).

So tune in and have a listen to

Dj Texsta Every week.

Texsta has always said imagine the world with no music.
He can’t.

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