Saturday 11th May couldn’t have come soon enough for us. The 30th anniversary party had been announced back in February and, wow, how things have come along since the first Centreforce party at the Bloc back in November 2017 and WOW, how things have come along since Andy was putting events on back in 1989/90.

The usual suspects were present-Centreforce DJ’s, staff and you, the listeners, but that wasn’t all. The Oval was a perfect host for such a party. On the day we had sunshine and sunsets on the terrace-tunes supplied from the likes of Peter P, Danny and Max, and Jet Boot Jack. To say a Balearic vibe was created wouldn’t do the party justice, what was going down from the first beats delivered by Jamie F was a whole other Balearic bombshell!

As room two opened (on the night Robert Owens, Rat Pack, Alex P, Roger the Doctor, Keith Mac and so many others) alongside the terrace it was still a matter of sunsets but with dancing stormtroopers and smiley faces. ‘This has set me up for Ibiza this summer’ noted one happy dancer (I think her name was Maddy and, I think she said she was from Lewisham-but we were by the speakers).

Ratpack live at Centreforce

A giant black metal robot and a couple of green big eyes aliens also dropped in. I guess they must have been on Jonny C’s guest list. It all helped to create a buzz and keep the crowd happy, as did MC’s Danny Lines and Chalkie White and PA from Haifa.

A special shout out must go to Simon James of Super Smiley Club fame for designing and executing the amazing visuals. They really were out of this world (more so than the aliens and robot). Check out the video footage on the Centreforce website and social media-they really were spectacular.

Hats off Centreforce for delivering another wicked party and word is that the next party is at Hangar on Saturday 13th July. Keep it locked for ticket announcements and download the new Centreforce App for all updates and phone numbers for aliens, storm troopers and robots!


Master Pasha


Robert Owens – Tears