Centreforce knows how to throw a party.

We’re takin you back, right back to 1989 when Centreforce first went on air. We’re 30 this year and we have so much planned including our first event to kick the celebrations off, CENTREFORCE WAREHOUSE REVIVAL FOUR: SLIP BACK TO 89 which takes place on Friday 1st March at Hangar, London Fields from 9pm.

‘Slip Back to ’89 is completely sold out but you can join our waiting list at

Slip back to 89

The night will see all original Centreforce DJ line-up including Keith Mac, Roger the Doctor, The Corporation, Seeker and Hugs, Danielle Montana, Hugs and Seeker, Pasha, Gary D, Hermit and Bags, Randall, Connie and the Runtings Crew, PA Eames, Rubber Ron, Randall, Kenny Ken, Nicky Brown, Ruthless Jack and will be hosted by Danny Lines and Fabian Runtings Crew.

Founder of Centreforce Andy Swallow (Pasha) said: “The Hangar venue for me is as old school as it gets as it’s a big open warehouse space and we have 15 of the originals so we will recreate the past. Roll on the 1st March!”.

Original Centreforce DJ, Roger the Doctor

Roger the Doctor

Back in ’89, I played on Centreforce Radio every Wednesday night playing soul and funk as I didn’t have any house tunes. I was asked to do cover shows and I enjoyed the dance music and then went and bought loads of vinyl and found it was easier to mix house music than soul.

I then became good friends with Randall and Kenny Ken and travelled the surrounding counties as their warm up. When Centreforce put a party on, there was a very cloak and dagger feel to the party.

‘Back then we had pagers and the odd person had a mobile phone’

It was more meeting up at garage waiting for the call to find out the location of the venue for the night. As you walked from the car to the rave you could hear the thump of the bass. As Centreforce grew, more parties emerged and they got bigger including Woodstock, Helter Skelter, Energy and Biology. The pinnacle of my Centreforce career was DJing at Woodstock coming on after the Rhythm Doctor’s set which was amazing.”

Also, a special mention to a fundraiser that’s lifting off on Sunday 24th Feb at the KOKO, Camden. Sunnyside Up and Mind Over Matter host a party to remember and raise funds for MC K (Winston) who sadly passed in October 2018. The event starts at 2pm and goes on until 9pm and includes a range of DJ’s and acts such as Rat Pack, Wayne Burgess and Joel B and Rob Tissera. Get along for an afternoon of uplifting house music.

The Centreforce Family is sad to hear of the passing of Aquarium Lou and would like to send condolences to Lou’s family and friends. Lou was a big part of the club scene and will be missed.

Chelsea Singh spoke to Dave Courtney
who fondly remembered Lou:

‘I’d like to say thank you to the Centreforce team for giving me the privilege of saying a few words about Aquarium Lou. It’s a massive loss to everyone involved in the club scene, now and over the past 30 years.’

Aquarium Lou & Dave Courtney

‘Lou was a very rare breed of people because he never said a bad word about anyone. Everyone in the club scene knew and loved Lou, he linked up so many partnerships and businesses. He was a main player in the entertainment world.’