Dolly Rockers

Paul Gullefer is one half of the Dolly Rockers along with Mark Jones.

Paul said: “I’m originally from Stepney, East London and Mark is from Islington. It was down to the Dolly Rocker Balls that we started working together. The parties ran from the early 90s up until around 2010. I’d go along as a punter because they were great nights. But then I ended becoming a resident DJ for them.

The Dolly Rocker Balls eventually ran its course, and this was due to the people that used to go started to grow up, have kids and so on. It had had its time and ended. The Balls were known for putting on special parties in places like exhibition halls and unusual venues. It was never a matter of taking over a club, the organisers preferred to take over a venue of their choice and put all their own equipment, decor and bar in. Our parties were always dressy affairs where everyone would dress up for the night. They were always very successful nights where the music policy was to play uplifting house music.

When the Dolly Rockers Balls finished we decided to continue the name as DJs, artists and producers and we lost the ball element and, stuck with Dolly Rockers. It started to take off and we’ve been doing it ten years now.

The producing side of the Dolly Rockers came about after we had a meeting and decided that we could work together as a duo and put as together as many productions as we could and, to see if we got noticed. It started out as a bit of fun and just messing about and then it got serious.

A turning point came around after we released One Day with At It. We did the track and put it out and one day someone sent us a video click of Eric Morillo playing it in Space. That got us a lot of attention and we could feel the interest growing.

We then worked with Janelle Monae. She was a winner on America’s Got Talent. The remix we did for her called What Is love and it was used in the film called Rio 2 and, this was issued by Atlantic Records, which was a big deal for us.

We have great chemistry. I’m slightly younger than Mark so I bring the energy and then he brings an incredible knowledge of music. He’s like a walking encyclopaedia of tracks. He’ll hear a bassline and tell me what song it originally came from. He’s forever pulling tracks out of the bag that I’ve never heard of and we’ll then go into the studio and turn it into a track that a lot of people haven’t heard before.

Getting involved with Centreforce is really good. We were on other radio stations like Shine and Select. We then moved to Funky Essex and then we got involved with Centreforce and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. We’re now doing regular shows on the station and its been brilliant. It’s the best station that we’ve been on in the last ten years.

Dolly Rockers under the spotlight

Your favourite tune right now:
MK Burning Sonny Fodera mix
Who would you like to collaborate with:
We would love to collaborate with David Penn or Kevin McKay
Guilty Pleasure:
We love our 80s funk music