Slip Back to ’89 was a night of smiley faces and lasers.

The event on 1 March 2019, transported people back to what could have been any weekend night in East London, in 1989. The venue on this occasion was the Hanger, located in London Fields, an area that hosted its fair share of raves back in the day, as remembered by one of the ravers on Friday, Jason from Hackney ‘I used to rave in old buildings not far from here back in ’88 and ’89. They were some of the best nights of my life, and what Centreforce have done tonight has taken me back to where it all began for me, and now look at me, I’m there again’.

Tickets for Slip Back to ’89 had sold out within a week, so from the off the event promised much, and the Centreforce management, staff and DJs, all pulled together to deliver a night that will be remembered for a long time to come. And a special shout out to Jonny C too whose techy skills were tested on the night due to some issues getting the live feed to work, but Jonny got the job done and he delivered and, the party was able to be shared live from the station on the night.

The Hanger was a venue chosen by Andy and Danny Swallow because they identified it as a suitable place to host a party that would capture the feel of what Centreforce is all about; lively, intimate, raw and coming at you from every angle. The décor was perfect, large yellow balloons with smiley faces hanging from the ceilings, canvas backdrops with that familiar old skool rave feel and just the right amount of lights and dry ice, that kept things feeling simple and exciting as confirmed by Jane from Dartford ‘This is the best night I’ve had out in a long time. I’ll be the last one to leave’.

The sounds on the night were supplied by several of the original 1989/90 DJ’s including Jazzy M, Nicky Brown who opened the night, Corporation Seeker and Hugs, Connie Runtings Crew, Pasha and Master Pasha, PA Eames and Ritchie Eames, Roger the Doctor, Danielle Montana, Kenny Ken and Randall, the night was hosted by the amazing Danny Lines. The venue had two rooms so people could bounce between rooms.

Pasha and Master Pasha, said: ‘We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved on the night, DJs, the Centreforce team and family, our ticket partners Skiddle, the Hangar and of course our loyal listeners and followers who partied with us. Thanks everyone for making it a huge success and we will see you at the next event. Keep it 883’.

So many classic tracks from 89/90 were spun on the night and this meant there was cheer after cheer, hand claps after hand claps. There were whistles and glow sticks, and it all helped to create a fantastic atmosphere, that was friendly and enjoyable and authentic. This was not a night of people stepping back in time on some nostalgia trip, Slip Back To ’89 saw members of the Centreforce family still doing it and doing it in style.

Original DJ, Seeker said: ‘The atmosphere on the night was electric and the crowd were fantastic and made the night one to remember and one that will go down in history. Centreforce Radio has come a long way since its pirate days which is part of its history. It was very special to play at Slip Back to ’89 and play alongside DJs who I haven’t seen for years. It felt like it was only yesterday that we all played together and there was a great family vibe’.

The doors had opened at 9pm too because the invitation had been out for party punters to come and meet and greet the DJ’s (old and new) and, this was very well attended and by 10pm the venue was heaving, the drinks were flowing and the dancefloor was packed. Daz from East Ham was one of those that arrived early ‘I never knew what the DJ’s looked like back in ’89 and its been really good finally being able to put faces to names and the voices that I’d hear putting the shout outs back then.’

Original DJ, Mervyn Victor (Jazzy M), said: ‘It was so great to see the Centreforce crowd in full swing and what an amazing crowd we have. Slip Back to ’89 took us back there. The DJs years of experience showed a million times over and I’d personally like to thank everyone involved. I can’t wait for the next event’.

Next up is the Centreforce 30th birthday party on Saturday 11 May at the Oval Space, Bethnal Green. Be sure to secure your tickets from while there’s some still available and bring yourself, your mates and birthday card for your favourite radio station…CENTREFORRRRCCCCEEEE!