Antony P

Hi my name is Antony P , I started to DJ in 1998 were I had a weekly residency in pub in the heart of Camden Town, playing 2 step garage . That’s were I got the bug to play to a crowd. I got the opportunity to go onto radio with Y2K and from my 1st show thats when I knew I wanted to to take up radio seriously. I stayed on there, then I got the chance to move to Shine879, which I stayed on for many years. I also played on Vision until I got the opportunity to go on the mighty Centreforce 883 which I grabbed with both hands.
I’ve held my own events in London @ Bagleys and Carling Academy to name but a few, and played for some of the biggest promoters in the industry,  Raindance , Sunshine Daze , Pure Love For Old Skool and  Vinyl Touch etc.
I currently have a residency in the Kashmire lounge Amsterdam, I’ve played at the biggest clubs bars in London and around the UK, including  Scarla, Club Aquarium, Ministry of Sound, 02 Arena, Home Bar, the list goes on .
My show on Centreforce is on Friday mornings 2am till 4am and I’ve just been given another show every other Saturday midnight till 2am . I try to come with different styles of music each week as I love all music . Catch you all soon on the dance floor Antony P out .