Bobby J


I bought my first set of decks when I was 17 years old and had those at home, and like a lot us, I drove my parents mad. This led onto me DJing at some Jungle nights in a local community hall. I then got involved in my first radio work, alongside playing out at places like The Opera House and Rudolph’s. I did this sort of thing for a while before taking a step back and having a couple of children, and keeping the DJing going at private functions.

I then moved to Spain where I stayed for a few years and was a resident DJ at various venues, like the Funky Buddha and Temple Bar. A particular highlight in my DJing career was playing to 2000 people at Pacha.

I then returned to the UK and got back involved with radio, which included Pulse FM and Confetti FM, I enjoyed doing radio again, then took a short break and now I’m on Centreforce. My shows will be on Friday nights / Saturday mornings, and I’m calling them the Pic n Mix Show because of timing of the show, which means I can play a right mixture of flavours: Old Skool classics in House and Drum n Bass and, lots more.