Carly Denham

Carly is an astute DJ with over 15 years experience and an eclectic taste in house and its many genres. Originally a vinyl DJ, she began her DJ career on one of Essex’s largest pirate radio stations Force FM 106.5 as both a DJ and host. 
After many years of playing many club events and bars in London and Essex, Carly held a residency at The Brickyard Bar & Grill, Romford, Essex and works for several top entertainment agencies including London’s Finest Entertainment (Paul Hardcastle jnr).
Some of the artists Carly has performed alongside include; E-Raze (break 4 love), Angie Brown (Bizarre Inc), Ramsey & Fen, DJ Pied Piper, MC DT, MC PSG, MC Creed, DJ Lonyo (Summer of Love), Romeo & Harvey (So Solid), Ratpack and DJ Luck & MC Neat to name a few.