Chicka Wow Wow

Chickawowwow is relatively new to the DJ/presenting scene and her break came in 2017 when she secured a few of her own local residencies.  In the same year she was approached by a local DJ who asked her to do some guest mixes for his radio show, and this opened yet another door. Her passion has powered her on to where she is today and feels very privileged to be part of the Centreforce family.

As well as hosting her own weekly radio shows and playing monthly residencies she is now being approached to play alongside some well-established DJs on the London house music scene today. She spend hours every week seeking out the latest and hottest promos, new releases and exclusives that she can combine with a few of her own funky favourites, it’s important to keep it fresh and new. She loves the discovery, the journey, and the best thing, she loves the feeling of sharing her passion with like-minded house heads.