DJ Aston

Dj Aston is at the forefront of the soulful house scene in the United Kingdom.  He started Djing in Tenerife in July 1991 playing 80’s soul and disco which in turn, then moved onto him holding a residency in Ra Ra’s nightclub.

Returning to the London club scene in October 1993.  He soon became a well established Dj, playing with residencies within the best clubs in London at that time.  Ministry Of Sound, Legends, Limelight, Emporium to name but a few.

His musical journey has led to him playing in many countries, including Monaco, Thailand, Miami, Greece, and Morocco.

At present,  he holds a show  (Astons House) on Centreforce Radio on Monday nights 8pm – 10pm, which has given him a great platform to showcase his talents and to attract the best soulful house Dj’s and producers the UK has to offer.

Which include:  Sean Maccabe, Groove Assassin,  Neil Pierce, Cafe 432, David Bailey, The JourneyMen, Booker T, Sy Sez, Ronnie Herel, The works, Dj Boon, Soul Brown, Wes Whynt plus guest mixes from the USA’s Jovonn, David Harness.

Currently he plays at events for Suncebeat, Deepintosoul, Soulphonics, Upper Vibe, Boom in London, Dog and Whistle. Dj Aston is also being heavily booked to play alongside his 18 year old son Max Evans.

Dj Aston has recently produced his own track, L.O.V.E.,  Reaching number 21 in the soulful house charts and Traxsource.   Aston will be producing more tracks in the future.