Bubbler played on many pirate and legal radio stations over the years including Kool FM, Original Chillin FM, Conflict FM, Pressure FM, Risk FM, Deja Vu FM, Rinse FM, London Underground, Pure Magic FM and Flava FM. 

Bubbler joined Centreforce on Time 107.5FM, playing Friday and Saturday night shows with Danny ‘The Legend’ Lines which drew a massive audience.

Bubbler also had the pleasure to play for Raindance, Dungeons, Epping Forest Country Club, Bagleys, Aquarium, Powerhouse E15 / Club EQ, Life in Utopia, Tasco Warehouse, Telepathy, Paradise club, Gas Club, Rex Stratford, Suncity, Club Union, Jungle Fever, Kool session, SE ONE Club, Proud 02, U.C.O.J, Fire, The Coronet club, Jungle Therapy, RCFF, Brixton Jamm, Ministry Of Sound, Scarla plus many more.