DJ Kanga

For the past 25 years DJ KANGA has been entertaining the masses through the UK club scene and his main love, Radio.

After buying his first set of turntables and mixer at the age of 12 it has been non stop from there!

His first ever (pirate) radio show at the age of 12 was cut short by a studio raid, which he made it out of without being caught and it was at this point he was bitten by the radio bug.

He has DJ’d on and ran many pirate radio stations across the UK, mainly in London, including PASSION FM, FREEZE FM, ORIGIN FM, SUBJAM, HOUSE FM AND VISION FM to name a few.

He spent many years climbing the rooftops of tower blocks putting up ariels for Pirate Radio all for the love of music so the listeners all had their favourite radio stations to listen to in thier cars and homes.

His musical knowledge and collection is vast, with all styles of music ranging from UK Garage (his main love), House, Jungle/DnB, RnB, Hardcore and everything in-between.

When playing out he will always bring the party to the clubs and festivals with an energetic sing a long set that is remembered.

He has a distinctive radio show that showcases all styles of music focusing on pushing new releases and digging through the archives to play forgotten anthems and telling stories which he calls KANGANORY about his antics during his Pirate Radio years.

You can hear him every Tuesday on Centre Force Radio 883 DAB live from 17:00 (gmt) with the Drivetime Show and also playing across the UK in clubs and at festivals.