DJ One

DJ One was part of the original Centreforce  radio  founded in 1989, and actually played part in the very first show that aired, along with Pasha ,Gary D  and other’s. DJ One also returned in 2006/7 for a while and is now back for his third stint on the now bigger and better Centreforce DAB. One started as a DJ back in mid 80s on the Soul Rare groove scene, but was soon influenced by the Acid House scene playing at many illegal raves. Through the station, One played at Echoes ,Darnley road , The Gallery and all the Centreforce raves, his favourite being Woodstock 89. He also was resident DJ at Twilights Brentwood  a gig he got through the station.  After the end of the station at that time he played about a bit till about 95, then started many promotions of his own, the last one being History of House in 2014.