DJ Sterling


“Essentially I just love playing music to people”

And there is no better format than radio..

DJ Sterling has an extensive vinyl collection and has been prolific on the airwaves of London and Essex for many years.

It started at a young age when his father introduced him to early jazz and blues records, having older cousins helped and he was introduced to early electronic music like Kraftwerk.

The day of reckoning came listening to early pirate stations playing hip hop and soul and then of course Centreforce. ” I was literally hooked taping and taping shows, it wasn’t just the music, it was a family, a movement. There was nothing like it”

After many mixers, belt drive decks, later the iconic Technics SL1200s and now digital formats. Sterling likes to mix the old with the new music too. ” I like to keep it moving, diverse and versatile. ” Most importantly its about interacting with the listener, giving them useful information that’s personal to them and of course the best in music.”

Sterling also produced a number of garage tracks under various aliases in the late 1990s, He is working on a number of projects and expect to hear new music from him soon.

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