Jolie started playing in clubs 1995, in and around London. Then from 1998 she packed her bags and took her music round the world. Playing in Austria, Ibiza, Mainland Spain, France, Germany, America, The Middle East, India and Thailand.

In 2001 she held a residency for S’Moove at Ministry of Sound, playing for the Go Girls room and often in the main bar. This lead to Jolie winning the UMA award for Best DJ in 2003. She had an 8 year residency at Storm in London, and regular guest appearances at Bagleys, The End, Turnmills, Aquarium and Studio 33 for Ford on the horns infamous morning parties.

As well as clubs, Jolie played on various radio stations in London, Passion FM, Shine FM, Unknown FM and Centreforce.

Jolie often plays at Easton House in Tiptree, Essex, a unique house that has been transformed for exclusive parties and corporate events. Also Smitten boat parties, Interlaced and corporate events for Audi, Mini plus private events in and around London and Essex.