Nicky Brown

Nicky has been a DJ for over 30 years, playing at many top clubs and events. He grew up in East London with an obsession for music from an early age. His influences at that time included disco, soul, funk, ska, Motown and reggae.

As he got older, Nicky was blown away by the electro scene, music that was so advanced for its time. House music arrived and joined onto an already eclectic musical collection.

His big break came when he got a slot on Londons number 1 pirate station the original Centreforce 88.3 FM. Nicky did a show with his good friend Chris Obrien (Bud) called the Nicky B and the Man like Bud Show.

Nicky has played at clubs such as Legends, Nylon, Sound Republic, The Steel Yard, The Opium Lounge, Epping Forest Country Club and Powerhouse, playing for promoters Centreforce, Dirty, Sexy Exit, Elegantly Wasted, Relight my fire.

Playing alongside Marshall Jefferson, CJ Mackintosh and Adamski, to name a few.