Nookie – Exclusive interview by Snowy

I really got into music after I started working in a record shop in Peckham, that was called Red Records. They had four shops in all and I eventually moved to the West End one, where it changed its name to Unity. This was in the early 90’s. It was good working there because I got to meet a lot of DJs and producers. Guys from KISS FM would always be coming into the shop. It was like the official unofficial record shop for KISS.

I got to know people like Trevor ‘Madhatter’ Nelson, Norman Jay, Paul Oakenfold and Tim Westwood because of Unity.  Around that time, I was also getting into making music and producing. The first record I produced was a kind of ragga Hip Hop track, which a guy from Jet Star Records heard and liked and put it out. That got my foot in the door so I continued messing around more with drum machines, keyboards and computers. I had done Computer Technology at college so knew my way around computers.

I also got more into the Detroit Techno sound and listened to guys like Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. This was the vibe I wanted to and then the breaks came in and all that Hard Core break beat stuff. Back in those days there was a kind of anything goes attitude and you grab influences from anywhere: Soul, Funk, Techno. It was okay to experiment and not stick within certain boundaries. It’s not like that now.

In recent times I’ve been building up my studio and getting back into making music. I’m currently in the process of making a Tech House album. I’m still making Drum and Bass records too and have had releases out. I feel lucky really that I’m not signed to any one record label. This means I can make whatever type of music I want. I spoke to Guy Called Gerald recently and he remarked that not being linked to one label meant that I was free to make whatever music I wanted.

I did my first Centreforce show in April and I really enjoyed it. I’ve always been a big fan of the station and, was really pleased to see it come back on air. I’ve known Andy from back in the day, he’s helped me out along the way, so it was nice to give something back.

Coming back for a show this August was great, the show went well and I’ll be back for more soon. I’m also working on some new Drum n Bass for Metalheadz, and I’m currently finishing off my Tech House album.