Peter P

Experienced international DJ Peter P has played all over the world for many years playing some of the biggest clubs and events worldwide and playing alongside some of the world’s top DJs.

Its hard to pigeon hole Peter P to a genre of music when asked what genre he plays he simply replies HOUSE/SOUL/BOOGIE/WHATEVER FUNKS THE CROWD. 

Having started his career at the tender age of 15 behind the decks in a local East London club spinning rare northern soul he soon picked up the skills that have seen him play worldwide.

He soon progressed through the ranks as a soul DJ playing many all nighter/weekender gigs in the eighties. In the late 80s Peter P played at many raves during the Summer of Love plus a residency in Nitelifes Ibiza in 88/89. 

The following years saw Peter P progress on the house scene taking in soulful garage, Latin house, funky house all forms of house. Choosing to mix all genres taking crowds on an exciting rollercoaster of musical mayhem.

Peter P is also an established radio presenter presenting his own shows over the years on many different dance music stations including Unknown FM, House FM, Stomp Radio, Time FM and Centreforce.

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