Wayne SoulAvengerz

Wayne SoulAvengerz is no new comer to the industry, being an integral part of the London house scene for over a 3 decade now. But it was only in 2000 he garnered the long overdue, and much deserved, worldwide recognition he had been striving for.

In todays climate most artists carve out a production profile before proving themselves as DJ’s. It is this that often leads to most artists productions being more dance floor orientated the more experienced they become, as they gain that all important first hand knowledge of what it takes to rock a packed dance floor. As a DJ first and foremost, Wayne already had intimate knowledge of what worked in the main rooms up and down the country and across the gobe, so it was a simple case of applying this knowledge to his production work, and it is this that has led to his incredibly fast rise to fame.

The term Funky House has come to attract all manner of less than complimentary connotations as the scene has grown up, but at its core the term still implies crowd pleasing main room music. From the anthemic funk of ‘Love You Feel’, to the more subtle ‘Keep The Funk Alive’ (out on Soulfuric and number 1 in the hype chart), Peyton “Never give up”, Tom Novy “Your body” their very own “Don’t let the morning come”, Chris Lake “Changes” and the highly acclaimed remix of Marshall Jefferson “Move your body” and smash hit Axwells “I Found You”

No one does peak time floor fillers better than the Soul Avengerz.

Quickly establishing a staggering production profile, Wayne caught the attention of some of the UK’s major record labels, with remix work for CR2, Positiva, Ministry of Sound, Sony (BMG), Manifesto, Apollo and Hedkandi. Having had the pleasure of remixing the likes of Queen, Blondie, Peyton, Marshall Jefferson, Lisa lisa and the No 1 US diva Beyonce.

After opening “PURE Pacha” Ibiza with Pete Tong and gaining his support and rpraise giging in New York, Miami, Italy, Holland, Russia, Dubia, Ibiza, Marbella, NZ & Oz and Cyprus there is not many dance floors Wayne has not caressed.

Currently Joint Head honcho at TROIS GARCON RECORDS and Finally feeling totally at Home @ CentreForce 88.3 Wayne is happier than he has ever been. After falling out of love with the scene back in 2009 Wayne is fully head over heels in Love with being a Centre Force DJ.

“In a world were genres are constantly dividing and sub-dividing in a desperate but confusing attempt to stay up to date with trends, it’s refreshing to find an artist who has refined what they do to such an extent as to perfectly represent their own sound. There is nothing snooty or elitist about what Wayne Soul Avengerz does, it is pure, accessible house for true music lovers”